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‘WannaCry’ cyberattack: What we know

Countries around the world braced Monday for the spread of a massive ransomware cyberattack crippling thousands of computers at banks, hospitals and government institutions. Here’s what we know so far: WHAT’S THE LATEST? Computers booting up to start the workweek might continue the spread of “WannaCry,” a ransomware attack where hackers lock down a computer […]

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A Bluetooth enabled padlock and other travel tech reviewed

From the a pair of Bluetooth headphones to a Bluetooth enabled padlock, the BBC Travel Show’s Tommy Sandhu looks at some of the latest travel gadgets.

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The supercomputer of the future?

Scientists at Sussex University say they are close to building a large scale quantum computer. The technology is thought to be a game changer since quantum computers could solve in milliseconds problems estimated to take even the fastest supercomputer millions of years. Professor Winfreid Hensinger explains.

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Hands-on with a phone number harvesting app

Three mobile phone apps that help users block spam calls have been building up searchable databases of people’s names and phone numbers – sometimes without their permission. A report from Hong Kong investigative news agency Factwire found that apps CM Security, Sync.ME and Truecaller have built up databases with billions of people’s phone numbers – […]

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