1. Architect for Oracle Internet Directory and Single Sign-On that provide enterprise-wise services for PBGC’ “nified Desktop” Performed technical design, multiple team co-ordination and co-operation, and implementation in multiple OS platforms and various environments using up-to-date technologies. These technologies include Kerberos authentication (Windows Native Authentication), Security Socket Layer, Directory Integration and Synchronization, clustering, Java Authentication and Authorization Service and Single Sign-On etc. The implementation of OID and SSO not only provide an enterprise-wise Single Sign-On serves for the current PBGC Unified Desktop project (J2EE applications, Portal, and E-Business Suite), but also lay the foundation for future integration of the entire PBGC multi-platforms applications with a centralized identity management.

  2. Design and admin FDMS Unix and Windows server system, engineering the administrating Solaris 10, 9. Linux, Windows server etc. Develop and implement multiple functions using shell script, LDAP script and java language. Working on web traffic, system monitoring and oracle database system DBA. Manage about 50 servers.

  3. Architecture and design J2ee based documentum application architecture, system designing and development implementation. Work on system designing and development using J2EE architecture, Oracle Application Server, OID, SSO, Java design patterns, Documentum DFC, Documentum DQL, Documentum WDK, Webtop etc with other team members. Using multiple architecture standards (like ABD) and multiple design patterns. Using UML to do package diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram, state diagram, etc. Drafted component design, system detail design documents with other team members. Completed eDocket revise engineering document.

  4. Designed, installed, migrated, patched, and upgraded the BIA Portal system. This system consists of Oracle RAC databases (11g), Oracle Secure Search (SES), Oracle Web Center, Oracle SOA, Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM), Oracle WebLogic (10.3.x), Oracle Identity Manager (OIM), Oracle Access Manager (OAM), Oracle Internet Directory (OID), and Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD).

  5. Designed, installed, deployed, supported integration of Oracle Weblogic Server Cluster with Microsoft Active Directory and enabled Oracle Http Server for applications within the ICMARC platform.

  6. Designed the infrastructure for, and Engineered and led Develpers and SAs to build multiple architecture/patching environments (DTE, Breakfix etc) with cloned databases and applications (J2EE apps and E-Business Suite) from pre-production environments. The fully functioned infrastructures were handed over to other development contractors such as IBM and Deloitte development teams.

  7. Design and deploy FDMS Oracle Application Server 10g, OID, SSO 10.1.4, Oracle Web Cache, LDAP services, Crystal reports, J2ee, Documentum DA and RMA, FDMS search engine administrator. Take responsible for FDMS production admin, support and maintenance. Working on system admin, troubleshooting, customer service, deployment, log file configuration, patching etc. Building multiple environments and update multiple old environments. Design, implement, admin Oracle Application Cluster, Oracle Database RAC, load balance, disease recovery etc.

  8. Take responsible for Oracle Warehouse Builder for data consolidation and modeling project. This project involved data warehouse/data mart design, implementation of data warehouse design time and runtime repository and application instances, as well as the analysis of the database, the extraction, verification, and loading of the data, the creation of aggregate and summary information, and the creation of the enduser interface.

  9. Enhanced performance, scalability, and high availability of the Application Servers through configuration of Web Cache, HTTP servers and virtual hosts, or creation of cluster servers with file/farm-based repository. Established the Application Server 10g cluster in development, production, and COOP environment.

  10. Implemented and managed application server users through LDAP directory service, directory integration and provisioning services, as well as integrated third party authorization and authentication tools such as Wedgetail Single Sign-on and Microsoft Active Directory with OracleAS 10g.

  11. Designed network infrastructures (SSL accelerator and Load-Balancer) for various application servers and implemented the Self-Service Web-Portal (Oracle Portal 3.0.9) for providing FAQ functionality of CRM to PBGC’ customers.

  12. Installed, configured and maintained a variety of vendor-specific application servers and the backend databases that automatically inventory hardware and software, detailing PC, UNIX, and server assets across the entire Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation.

  13. Created, customized and supported several instances of Oracle Collaboration Suite (9.0.3 and 9.0.4) for PBGC Enterprise Architecture and Strategy Planning Pilot Project that served for the purposes of collaboration (email and workflow), content management (file system), calendaring, and portal service.

IT Infrastructure Engineering

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Unix & Windows
  • Application Servers
  • Weblogic, Websphere etc
  • Database Admin & Design

Application Archetucture and Development

  • J2ee Applications
  • SOA & Web Services
  • ColdFusion Applications
  • Vendor Applications Customization

Information Technology

  • Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile App Development
  • Databases and Data Management
  • System Security
  • systems development life cycle (SDLC)

Business Services

Finance Services